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Dear Webmaster,

If you were in a sharp-shooting contest, would you rather be given a large supply of ammunition in a dark room, or a single loaded gun in a room that was brightly lit? That's not a tough decision, is it? You want to be in the room where you can see the target, NOT a room where the target is invisible. You're far more likely to hit the target with just a few bullets in a well-lit room than you are to hit the target in a dark room, even if you have a lot of ammunition.

Well the target, or goal, of your web site is to make money. Your ammunition is the time and money you put into making that web site profitable. If you're not analyzing the traffic your web site is getting, then you're taking "shots in the dark" with your limited resources.

You see, if you're spending a lot of time advertising your site, but not tracking the results, then chances are you're wasting a lot of effort (and perhaps a lot money) on endeavors that are not paying off for you. Worse than that, you're not seeing what efforts ARE paying off, so you're not focusing your efforts where they will make you the most money.

The same is true for all your sources of traffic. Failing to analyze your traffic is like shooting at a target in a dark room. Every once in a while, you might manage to hit the target, but most of your shots will miss the mark.

It's time to stop wasting money and taking "shots in the dark" with your limited resources! Site Super Tracker will TURN ON THE LIGHTS so you can hit the target of making money every time!

But what exactly IS Site Super Tracker? Read on and see how this powerful tool can help you earn more from your web sites...

What Is Site Super Tracker?

Site Super Tracker (SST) is a set of PHP scripts that you can install on your site in just a couple of minutes. After installing the scripts, you drop a little bit of code on each of your sites and pages that you want to analyze traffic for. Immediately SST will start collecting information about your traffic and advertising on your sites, helping you see where you should be focusing your promotional efforts.

What Does Site Super Tracker Track?

SST can track a number of popular advertising products:

AdSense Search
AdSense Referrals
Yahoo Publisher Network

SST will tell you how many clicks you are getting on each of your ads, and where those clicks are coming from. Just look at a few samples of the reports you're provided with by Site Super Tracker!

Click on the image to see a larger version.

But those are just a FEW examples. Look at the large variety of reports SST provides:

HOT! Heatmap Report
See a visual representation of where your visitors are clicking on your site!
Referrer Report
Analyze which traffic sources are producing the most clicks (and, thereby, the most revenue).
Referrer Domains Report
Analyze which domains (including all major search engines) are producing the most clicks.
Keywords Report
Analyze which search keywords are producing the most clicks.
Formats Report
Analyze which ad formats are producing the most clicks.
Domains Report
See which of your domains are getting the most clicks and views, and earning you the most money.
Pages Report
Analyze how each individual page of your site is performing.
Directories Report
Analyze how each subdirectory/subfolder of your site is performing.
Dates Report
Analyze how your sites are doing over time.
Hours Report
See which hours of the day are most popular for your sites.
Clicks Report
Analyze individual click details.
IPs Report
Analyze the IP addresses of people who click your ads.
Channels Report
Analyze the AdSense and YPN channels to see where your clicks are coming from.

You do not get this kind of reporting from
Google, Yahoo or the others, that's for sure!

All of these reports will show you exactly where your revenue is coming from, and where you need to focus your search engine optimization and advertising efforts for maximum effect.

Site Super Tracker Tracks More Than Just Ads

Yes, Site Super Tracker doesn't only track clicks on various advertising sources. It also tracks clicks on pages and sites that do not generate income from advertising. That same set of reports above is also available for ANY page and ANY site, but it a sales letter, or a squeeze page, or membership site, etc.

It's equally important to know where your traffic is coming from for these sites as well. SST will tell you what links are being clicked on your pages, and will generate heatmaps to show you which sections of your pages are most popular with your visitors.

Knowledge Is Power!

Once you know where your money is coming from, and what people are looking for on your site, then you know how to give people what they want. Used properly, this can result in you getting what you want: more money from your sites.

For example, once you know that one set of keywords from Google is outperforming a different set of keywords, you can focus your efforts on ranking well for the higher-performing keywords. This can result in a bigger bottom line.

That same principle holds true for all of your traffic sources. Knowing what's working (and what isn't) empowers you to make changes that will increase your site's revenue.

See SST In Action

Click here to see the fully-functional online demo of SST!

Click here for a video walk-through of the SST system.

System Requirements

Site Super Tracker is installed on your web site, not your personal computer. It requires that your web site support PHP 4.x or 5.x and MySQL 4.x (almost all web sites do).

It's Easy To Install

Installation takes 5 to 10 minutes. If you're not tech-savvy, a complete video tutorial is available to walk you through the simple steps required to install SST.

What are you waiting for?

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Site Super Tracker is Guaranteed To Work!

Site Super Tracker is guaranteed to work as I say it does, helping you track the clicks and visitors to all of your sites, and providing useful analysis and reports on your traffic sources. If it does not, request a refund within 60 days of your purchase and I'll refund the full purchase price. It's that simple.

P.S. Site Super Tracker tells you exactly where your visitors and advertising revenue are coming from. It really brings web site traffic analysis to a whole new level. Isn't it worth such a small investment and a few minutes of your time to install and use it to better understand and profit from your site's traffic? You know it is! So click here to download your copy.

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